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1:1 Individualized Nutrition Planning

Nibble - Nibble - Nibble
Sip - Sip - Sip! 

 Quick Start Guide for

Pre-ride/race Fluid/Carb Intake

Andiamo²® NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coaching Includes;​

  • As an Andiamo²®  athlete, you'll receive a customized meal plan. You'll be able to create a fully customizable meal plan based on your goals, diet preferences, and how much prep time you want to spend on each meal. Only want to spend 15 minutes making lunch we got you covered!

  • You'll be able to select among 22 different nutrient profiles including Endurance, Increasing Vegetables, Increasing Energy, and Muscle Gain. You can even exclude items from within your nutrient profile that can cause physical distress. Among these are peanut allergies, shellfish, and gluten-free foods. 

  • You'll have the tools necessary to create a smart, flexible grocery list with grocery delivery options - this means you can literally have all the ingredients from your recommended meal plan delivered right to your door through either Instacart, Walmart, or Amazon Fresh*. Rather go shopping yourself? You can also customize, print, and email yourself the list! *may not be available in all areas

  • We'll crunch the numbers on caloric/nutrient intake.  We will determine your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), and the needed macro-nutrients (% carbs/protein/fat) and guidance for sodium/sugar.

  • You'll know exactly how much carbohydrates, protein, and fat to consume based on each of the three phases of your training. aka Nutrition Periodization - (Prep, Competiton, Transition).

  • We'll review your food log daily and provide suggestions/encouragement.

  • Weekly Email Nutritional Education ​​​

  • We'll review your workout program via Final Surge to assess calorie allotment which means;

  • You'll know what your pre-workout calorie intake should be. 

  • We'll discuss pre-race meal recommendations and a create race-fueling plan. You'll receive a detailed day of and in competition fueling guidelines.

  • You'll receive 40% Off dotFit Nutrition and;

  • Up to 20% Off select Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel

- Carbohydrates -

4hrs before intake 4g per kg.

2 hrs before intake 2g per kg.

Up to race/ride - 15-30 gm 5 minutes before (gels, blocks, & liquid Shots)

During race/ride - up to 60 grm/hr


- Fluid -

4hrs before intake 1 oz per 10lb of bodyweight.

2 hrs before intake 3-5 ml/kg Up to race/ride - drink as needed.

During race/ride - Maximum absorption is usually at 32 to 40 oz or 1-1.2 liters per hour.


 - Sodium -

2 - 4hrs before intake 450-1120 mg per liter (or 32 fl oz) Intake sports drinks. 

Up to race/ride - intake as needed sip on a sports drink

During race/ride - 500-700 mg per liter (32 fl oz).

Salty Sweaters up to 1000mg/liter or 32 fl oz.


 - Protein -

Intake daily protein requirements. Small amounts of low-fat proteins 4 hrs prior only if well-tolerated in training.


 - After -

Carbs - 1.1.2 gm kg/hr after exercise > 3hrs

Fluid - 16-24 oz per lb lost.

Sodium - Consume foods and fluids that contain sodium to facilitate rehydration.

Protein - 15-25 gm high-quality protein.


 - Other tips -

Consume fluid over a period of time; avoid drinking too large a volume at one time.


Daily Carb intake Guidelines: 6-12 grams per body weight in 24 hrs.


Carb loading guideline: 36-72 hrs 8-12 g/kg of body weight per 24hrs

Keep in mind the above items are just overall guidelines/suggestions. You will need to customize the carb, fats, protein, sodium intake based on your individual needs.

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