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"COMPETITIVE MASTERS 40+" - 24 WK - Full IRONMAN® (140.6) Triathlon Training (+ Strength Training for Master Triathletes)

The Competitive Masters 40+  24-Week Full IRON Triathlon Training is designed for the Competitive Masters 40+ Athlete who has progressed from the Sprint distance to the Olympic triathlon distance and now desires to race the Full IRON distance, can handle a heavier training load, and has the desire to seek a podium position.

A prerequisite training base is required as this Full IRON plan begins with a 24-week specific Full IRON training plan. To begin this plan, you should be able to swim 2000 meters, ride 2.5hrs, and run 90 minutes in a steady-state effort.

This is a structured training plan based on % of heart rate & Power, a Garmin type of device is recommended as workouts can be auto-synced to your device. The plan uses mini-periodization within each mesocycle based on a 3/1 structured workout approach; (3 weeks load, with a 1-week active recovery). 

During the 24-week Full IRON training phase, you'll begin with 8hrs of training during your first week, with a weekly max of approx 16hrs. This Full IRON plan will focus on base endurance, intro into tempo training and open water swimming, and progressive brick workouts. 

Other featured items include:
- Instructional Video Swimming Drills
- RPE/Heart Rate/Power Structured Run sessions
- RPE/heart Rate/Power Structured Bike session
- Strength Sessions (w/detailed video instruction*) Specifically Designed for The Competitive Master Triathlete. 

Included with your purchase:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

  • 30% Off ZONE3 

  • 25% Off MyVelofit

  • 40% Off dotfit Nutrition* - (Safe For Sports Certified)

  • 20% Off BKOOL AR Cycling

  • 20% Off Muscle & Motion Premium or free essential acct.

  • 15% off Stryd Running Pod*

  • Free Final Surge Athlete Acct

  • Weekly Moments Of Motivation Video Series

  • Apply instantly to your Final Surge calendar.

  • Reuse this plan as much as you want*.

  • Sync Structured Workouts to supported devices.

  • Daily email/text reminders.


Upgrade to Final Surge Athlete Premium* and Receive:

  • 20% Off Garmin Products.

  • $80 Annual Credit from The Feed + Free Personalized Water Bottle

  • 25% off InsideTracker Personalized Health Account.

  • Up to 25% Off Stryd Running Pod

  • HRV & Morning Readiness

  • Weather & Forecast

  • A Personalized Athlete Page

To view a sample week and purchase this plan. Click Here

-*100% Refund Guarantee - You have seven days to review and use the training plan. If you are not completely satisfied contact Final Surge to return for a full refund. After seven days no refunds are given.

-Muscle & Motion Full Access Acct Required.

-Andiamo Andiamo Inc Discounts codes sent within 48hrs of purchase.

-dotfit - Delivery Options Vary. May not be available in all countries

-Training plans for the original purchaser use only.  You (the Athlete/Buyer) will not present, reproduce, sale the Andiamo Andiamo Inc training plans, programs, or processes as your own. Should you (the Athetle/Buyer) decide to disclose your training plan purchased by you (the Athlete/buyer) created by Andiamo Andiamo Inc in any form you (the Athlete/buyer) agree to credit Andiamo Andiamo Inc as the creator of said training programs. Failure to do so may result in the immediate termination of plan access and to Final Surge.

-Final Surge Premium Acct - Go here for premium account details

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