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"AMATEUR ADVANCED"  - 36 WK - Half IRONMAN® (70.3) Triathlon Training (w/3 Month BASE + Strength Training for the Amateur Advanced Triathletes)

The Amateur Advanced 36-Week HALF IRON Triathlon Training is designed for the Amateur Advanced Athlete who seeks to race the Half IRON distance; can handle a heavier training load, can seek an age group win as well as finish within 10% of the overall competitors,  yet hasn't completed any endurance training in the last 90 days. 

No prerequisite training or base mileage is needed as this Half IRON plan begins with a 12-week base plan followed by a 24-week specific Half IRON training plan. 

This is a structured training plan based on % of heart rate & Power, a Garmin type device is required as workouts can be auto-synced to your device. 

The plan uses a 3/1 structured workout approach; (3 weeks load, with a 1-week active recovery). 

As an Amateur Advanced Athlete, you'll focus significantly on functional strength training, followed by conventional strength training during the beginning phases of training, as well as base endurance, with an in-depth focus on technique during the swim training segments.

During the latter phases, you'll focus less on strength and technique and more on endurance, as well as developing all aspects of the aerobic system. These include;

- Endurance Base Mile Training
- Endurance Aerobic Mile Training
- V02 Max Training including interval sessions
- Anaerobic Threshold Training
- Anaerobic Power Training
- ATP-PC Training - (ATP-PC - Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC).  These workouts are designed to increase your ATP-PC power sprint training.)

During the 24-week Half IRON training phase, you'll begin with just under 8hrs of training during your first week, with a weekly max of approx 16hrs. 

Other featured items include:

- Instructional Video Swimming Drills
- Open Water Swim Sessions
- Progressive Brick Sessions
- RPE/Heart Rate/Power Structured Interval Run sessions
- RPE/heart Rate/Power Structured Interval Bike session
- Strength Sessions (w/detailed video instruction*) Specifically Designed for Amateur Advanced Triathlete. 

Included with your purchase:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

  • 30% Off ZONE3 

  • 25% Off MyVelofit

  • 40% Off dotfit Nutrition* - (Safe For Sports Certified)

  • 20% Off BKOOL AR Cycling

  • 20% Off Muscle & Motion Premium or free essential acct.

  • Up to 20% off Select Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel. (An IRONMAN® Exclusive.)

  • 15% off Stryd Running Pod*

  • Final Surge Essential Athlete Acct

  • IRONMAN Tri Club Invitation

  • Weekly Moments Of Motivation Video Series

  • Apply instantly to your Final Surge calendar.

  • Reuse this plan as much as you want*.

  • Sync Structured Workouts to supported devices.

  • Daily email/text reminders.


Upgrade to Final Surge Athlete Premium* and Receive:

  • 20% Off Garmin Products.

  • $80 Annual Credit from The Feed + Free Personalized Water Bottle

  • 25% off InsideTracker Personalized Health Account.

  • Up to 25% Off Stryd Running Pod

  • HRV & Morning Readiness

  • Weather & Forecast

  • A Personalized Athlete Page

To view a sample week and purchase this plan. Click Here

-*100% Refund Guarantee - You have seven days to review and use the training plan. If you are not completely satisfied contact Final Surge to return for a full refund. After seven days no refunds are given.

-Muscle & Motion Full Access Acct Required.

-Andiamo Andiamo Inc Discounts codes sent within 48hrs of purchase.

-dotfit - Delivery Options Vary. May not be available in all countries

-Training plans for the original purchaser use only.  You (the Athlete/Buyer) will not present, reproduce, sale the Andiamo Andiamo Inc training plans, programs, or processes as your own. Should you (the Athetle/Buyer) decide to disclose your training plan purchased by you (the Athlete/buyer) created by Andiamo Andiamo Inc in any form you (the Athlete/buyer) agree to credit Andiamo Andiamo Inc as the creator of said training programs. Failure to do so may result in the immediate termination of plan access and to Final Surge.

-Final Surge Premium Acct - Go here for premium account details

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