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1:1 Individual Strength Plan

Strength training for the endurance athlete is critically important not only for success as an IRONMAN athlete yet also for those adults (both male and female) 40 years of age and older.  In the abstract "Strength Training For Endurance Athletes - Theory To Practice" Their studies show when combining strength and endurance training together the endurance athlete can experience fewer injuries with an increase in endurance performance. 


As an Andiamo²® athlete, you'll receive a sports-specific IRONMAN® Triathlon Strength Plan delivered through the Muscle and Motion Strength training application.​ You will understand the way muscles move and interact during training. You'll acquire science-based knowledge and understand the how and why of each exercise.

The Process

Utilizing the Opt Model Developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)  you will;

  • Maximize your performance based on the five phases of the NASM OPT Model;

Phase 1 - Stabilization Endurance

Phase 2 - Strength Endurance

Phase 3 - Muscular Development

Phase 4 - Maximal Strength and 
Phase 5 - Power

  • You'll learn to train in a safe way and minimize the risk of injury.

  •  You'll learn exactly how to perform exercises and how not to.

  •  You'll know exactly which muscles are used in specific positions or exercises.

  • You'll gain the tools to clearly understand complex concepts of muscle movement.

  •  You'll understand the biomechanics of the human body and prevent sports injuries and/or injuries that can occur due to everyday activities such as prolonged sitting. Shown here are three steps on how to prevent/reduce long term pain associated with prolonged sitting

Have questions on how strength training can not only make you a more efficient/faster athlete and also improve your overall quality of life? Schedule a call and let's talk.

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