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Velofix Mobile Bike Care

  • A 35 Point Bike Saftey Inspection 

  • Adjust F/R derailleur limit/set screws

  • Adjust F/R derailleur cable tension

  • Adjust brake cable tension

  • Center brakes

  • Make wheel adjustments on bike

  • Chain Lube

  • Tire inflation

  • Ensure perfect braking

  • Ensure perfect shifting

  • Wheel adjustment (true)

  • Set to provided bike fit #s

  • Remove and degrease chain

  • Remove and degrease cassette

  • Remove and degrease chainrings

  • Regrease and torque all bolts

  • Test ride bicycle

  • Thorough bike wash & detailing

  • Apply bike lust

  • Quote for add. Service


A Velofix Certified Bike Mechanic will come to your home or place of business each month during your training to ensure your bike is ride and race-ready.

Each Mobile Bike Shop is equipped with coffee machines and free WIFI. You'll be able to visit with your mechanic while they work on your bike, ask questions, and learn some valuable bike maintenance tips.

When applicable each travel package includes full packing and unpacking and reassembly of your bike both at home and at the race location*


* Bike case not provided. Rental may be available depending on current demand. Ask Mechanic or contact us for more details on renting a case. Reassembly does not include a full tune-up on the bike.

Rather than worry about having to reschedule your day to take your bike to the bike shop. We come to you!

Each Andiamo²® athlete will receive the 20 point Velofix Mobile Bike Care items listed below.

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