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Cancer Sucks! Let's fight it!

Make a difference that truly counts! When you contribute in any amount to Texas 4000, not only are you fueling our fight against cancer, but you're also gaining access to an exclusive 52-week, 6,500-mile (380hrs +) Road Cyclist training plan inspired by the Texas 4000 For Cancer training regimen.

Here's the kicker—100% of the proceeds from your generous donation go directly to Texas 4000, ensuring that every penny contributes to our mission. Your support is not just a contribution; it's a commitment to making a real impact.

Dive into your cycling journey with a plan that adapts to your pace. The plan unfolds with a 12-week endurance base phase followed by a 40-week General Road Cyclist training regime. Whether you prefer mileage or time, customize each session to align with your goals and schedule. This plan is your enduring companion, available for you to tailor and use at your convenience.

And there's more! Your donation unlocks exclusive benefits, including a dedicated Texas 4000 Final Surge Athlete Account, an Andiamo²® custom-designed 6500-mile training plan, and a Weekly Moments of Motivation Video Series to keep your spirits high.

As a token of our gratitude, enjoy a 40% discount on dotFit Nutrition, 25% off MyVelofit (or a free essential account), a 30-day free trail followed by 20% off BKOOL AR Cycling, and 20% off Muscle & Motion Premium Acct (or a free essential account). Your support isn't just a gift—it's a vital resource for those battling cancer.

Ride with purpose, knowing that every pedal brings us closer to a cancer-free world. Donate now, and let's pedal together toward a brighter future!

To Donate and Acces Plan Click Here

Training Plan Details


Your 12-week base phase begins with 4 X weeks of strength exercises while completing three weekly cycling sessions. You'll start with just 37 miles of training (approx 2:15hrs) during week one, with a max of just 75 miles beginning in weeks nine through twelve. If you've maintained your fitness began your training cycle in week 13. 

The majority of your training will be in the endurance phase. This form of exercise accounts for the greatest volume/miles of road racer/endurance athlete training. During the 40 Week main training phase, you'll begin cycling 6-days a week, starting with 77 miles a week (approx 4.5 to 5hrs) with a max of 290 miles (17.5hrs) in week 40, and peaking for your "A" events during weeks of 43 to 49.

This general Road Cyclist training plan is built on a 3/1 structured approach. Three weeks load with one week of recovery, which will encompass building and improving all aspects of your aerobic system.


These include:

  • Endurance Base Mile Training

  • Endurance Aerobic Mile Training

  • V02 Max Training, including interval sessions

  • Anaerobic Threshold Training

  • Anaerobic Power Training

  • Climbing Acceleration Training

  • ATP-PC Training - (ATP-PC - Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). These workouts are designed to increase your ATP-PC power sprint training.)

Also included in the plan are;​

  • Knowledge Checks - Explaining the importance of a workout

  • Complete flexibility to adjust training that fits your current riding/fitness level.

  • Strength Sessions (w/detailed video instruction*) via the Muscle & Motion App.(*Muscle &Motion Prem Acct Required.)

  • Macro Nutrition Calc Link

  • Basic Nutrition Planning Before/During, and After

  • Basic Strength Training in all phases for a total of 130hrs

  • Time Trial Fitness Checks

  • Multiple Device Connection. Sync with Garmin, Wahoo, Strava, Trainer Road, and many more.

Have questions about this plan? Email Us -

Texas 4000 For Cancer – a cause close to our hearts! 🚴‍♂️💙 Our mission is crystal clear: we aim to raise significant funds to bolster Texas 4000 in their relentless battle against cancer.

Texas 4000 For Cancer stands at the forefront, nurturing student leaders and uniting communities in the crusade against cancer. Through their extraordinary 4000+ mile bike journey from Austin to Anchorage, they spread hope, knowledge, and charity.

Each dedicated rider undergoes rigorous training, covering an impressive 2500 miles on average before embarking on the epic 4000+ mile ride to Alaska. Crafted by Andiamo²®, our comprehensive Road Cyclist training plan mirrors the intensity of Texas 4000's preparation. Dive into the videos to delve deeper into the inspiring world of Texas 4000.

Rev up your success engine by joining the ranks of Texas 4000 student-athletes through the Texas 4000 Challenge. Fuel the mission with your contribution, and in return, enjoy an exclusive gift as a token of our appreciation a 52-week, 6,500-mile (380+ hrs) training plan meticulously designed for the versatile Road Cyclist engaging in various disciplines of Road Racing.

It's not just about the event; it's about the unwavering will to conquer it. Do you possess that will? Are you ready to achieve peak fitness while joining us in raising crucial funds for the fight against cancer? If your answer is a resounding "YES," then take action now! Click below to donate and gain exclusive access to the 52-Week All Athlete Road Cyclist Training Plan.

Let's ride for a cause, fueled by determination and compassion. Together, we can make a meaningful impact. 🌟🚴‍♀️#Texas4000ForCancer


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