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10 Reasons Triathletes Should Train Like A Pro Cyclist.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Triathlons are a demanding feat of endurance and athleticism, but what if we told you there was a secret weapon to help you crush the competition? That weapon is training like a professional cyclist. You may wonder, “But wait, isn’t a triathlon about swimming, cycling, and running?” True, but by incorporating the training methods of a pro cyclist, triathletes can become faster, stronger, and, most importantly, eat like a champion. Here’s why:

1. Spandex is the new black: Triathlons require a whole bunch of gear, but one piece of clothing always seems to be missing – spandex bibs. Put away those "Onesies," ahem .... tri-suits, and pull on some bib shorts. By training like a pro cyclist, you now have an excuse to rock those skin-tight bib shorts with pride. Who needs comfort when you have style? Going out to dinner? Pull on those full-length bib tights and hit the town, but don't forget the matching dinner jacket.

2. Fueling Your Inner Gourmet: Cyclists stop at cafes during training rides to refuel, and now so can you! Just imagine the looks on your training partners' faces as you pull over for a mid-ride croissant and coffee. double the caffeine, please

3. Helmet Hair, Don't Care: With pro cyclist training, you can now wear a helmet all day, every day. No more bad hair days! Plus, you'll have the added safety benefits of always being prepared for a sudden head impact. Oh, you don't have hair? Don't despair. You'll have helmet head tan lines. I mean, racing lines.

4. Quad of the Gods: The cycling portion of a triathlon is all about the legs. With pro cyclist training, you'll have the most impressive quads in town. Your friends won't know what hit them. Your quads will look as if Michelangelo himself sculpted your legs.

5. The Perfect Excuse: Have a bad run? No problem, blame it on "the legs just not being there today." With pro cyclist training, you'll have the perfect excuse for any performance hiccups.

6. Bike collection goals: Pro cyclists often have multiple bikes for different types of rides. Triathletes can now justify their bike collection and proudly proclaim, “You can never have too many bikes.”

7. Changes clothes like a pro: With your newfound skills, you'll be able to put on that rain jacket at speed while eating that croissant you just picked up.

8. To Get Out of Chores: Want to skip out on mowing the lawn or doing the dishes? Just say you need to go for a “training ride.” Your significant other will understand. After all, you’re training like a pro cyclist, and pro cyclists don’t do chores.

9. It's all about the watts! You'll be able to brag about those massive watts you crank out to strangers while waiting in line at the grocery store.

10. Eat like a champion: Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Training like a pro cyclist, you will have the privilege of consuming vast amounts of pasta, gelato, and other delicious treats without guilt. Now, that’s a perk!

Ready to train like a pro cyclist? It's just a click away!

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