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Marvels Of Mediocrity: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Endurance World. The Average Triathlete

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Oh, you average triathlete, how we sing your praise,

You’re not elite, but you’re no mere craze,

You’re the unsung hero of the endurance game,

Bringing all the joy without the stress and fame.

You swim, you bike, you run with all your might,

Pushing through the pain and the exhaustion with all your might,

You train with passion and a steady pace,

But you don’t need a medal to keep up the race.

You’re not obsessed with every single kilometer, meter, or mile,

You don’t live your life around your race’s style,

You know how to balance work and play,

And keep your sanity intact day by day.

You don’t have a sponsor or a team,

You don’t need to fuel up with a fancy gel or cream,

You do it for the love of the sport,

And every finish line is a priceless reward.

You’re part of a community that cheers you on,

That celebrates every effort and every triathlon,

You support each other through the ups and downs,

And you revel in the camaraderie that abounds.

You’re not a superhero, but you’re no slouch,

You’re the backbone of this endurance sport’s house,

You embody dedication, perseverance, and heart,

And you inspire us all to do our part.

So here’s to you, the average triathlete, we raise our glass,

To your determination, your spirit, and your class,

We celebrate your accomplishments, big or small,

And we know that you’re the backbone of it all.

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